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My love for Meghalaya started 20 years ago. It was my first trip ever, to Meghalaya and northeast India. But at the end of the short visit, I wanted to remain in Shillong and not return to Delhi where I lived at that time.

My friends and family wondered aloud to me: “You spent just around a week there, and you fell in love with the place! What is it about Meghalaya that got you so hooked?”

“Well, for starters, I love the food there…” I began explaining… and here, two decades later, I am still listing the many things that give me immense joy in Meghalaya.

The skies are brilliant, the land is beautiful, and the people are nice. But there’s more to Meghalaya than meets the eye.

“Scotland of the East”

Well, this is a cliché that doesn’t even come close to showcasing the joy that is Meghalaya.

In order to truly grasp the depth of the statement I’ve made above, I’d like to share some common sayings in Meghalaya:

If you don’t like the weather here, wait a few minutes, and it will change.

“The abode of the clouds” is not an advertising claim, but a reality. The Meghalaya is blessed with an abundance of clouds that tease and dazzle all day, every day of the year, and create a mesmerizing medley of seasons, landscapes, and moods all around.

If you drop a seed or fruit anywhere in Meghalaya, a plant or a tree of it will emerge from the ground in a few days.

This is not “an old jungle saying”, but the truth. The clouds that dwell here, bless the hills and valleys of the State with an abundance of rain, that nourishes the land, which in turn throws up a wide variety of natural resources unlike anywhere else in the world.

Nature is bursting out, everywhere in Meghalaya

Nature is bursting out, everywhere in Meghalaya

If you’re looking for culture, just look around you.

You’ll find culture in everything you see, because it isn’t restricted to museums and special occasions in Meghalaya. You’ll find culture in everyday life; in the way people greet each other, the way they dress, and even in the way they drive.

Traditional ways co-exist with contemporary needs, as the past and the present collaborates beautifully across Meghalaya.

Culture reflected in civic sense, all around in Meghalaya

Culture reflected in a civic sense, all around in Meghalaya

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