I think Rahul Mullick’s review covers the place precisely!

I’d like to add on three things I ordered:

a) the skinny egg (it had the yolk, not just white) bagel with chicken patty (they had run out of mutton) was delicious, but tiny! I would need at least three if I was ordering just that for lunch :-/ So I’d say it’s overpriced!
b) the tuna salad melt isn’t a salad as you’d expect, but like a Subway tuna melt minus the add-ons Subway offers. The bread overpowers the filling, which they should increase to maintain a balance. The tuna itself was delicious.
c) the buttermilk was more watery than I’d like, but nice
Overall a great concept and experience, including the many “helpers” – but they need to balance out portion sizes vs taste. Everything I had was delicious, but the quantity left me dissatisfied.
Great if you’re sampling, not if you really want to enjoy.

This review, originally appeared on Zomato.com, here.


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