What kind of Chinese restaurant charges you for Jasmine tea?! Certainly not one that aims to reflect authentic Chinese hospitality and cuisine. Jasmine tea is ritualistic and intrinsic to the Chinese, like water is to Indians – and it’s meant to flow generously throughout your time with your hosts. And even though places like Canton Spice charge a small amount, it still adds up to a negative sentiment for me.

The other downer was that the set meals only came with vegetarian soups and starters. For a meat lover like me, that immediately eliminated the set meals from the menu for me.

That being said, I began my Canton Spice journey with noodle bowls – Canton Spicy Seafood, and the Chef’s Special with chicken and pork.

Both turned out to be fantastic, and served in generous proportions.

The seafood was great – with the hot sauce complimenting the light flavours of the prawn, squid and fish.

The chef’s special was very nice, though the texture of the chicken and pork wasn’t consistent – some nicely done, some a bit chewy.

The accompanying dim sums were dry and cold, and the kimchi inappropriate.

Despite some of the negatives I mentioned, the taste of what we ate today was outstanding, and the flavourings just right.

For the place to be called truly outstanding in every aspect, they need to be more generous when it comes to little things like tea, and veggie-only freebies. They wouldn’t cost much more to offer, but the positive sentiment they’d gain would be immense!

This review, originally appeared on Zomato.com, here.


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