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Spicy tuna sushi roll, at Kuuraku

ありがと Kuuraku!

Kuuraku at Global Foyer in Gurgaon, might have just become my favourite Japanese restaurant in the…

The Delicious Mutton Thali at Sanadige

Sanadige – Mmmanglorian

Sanadige??What does that mean? What do they serve? Wow, there’s a lobster on banana leaf in…

Kyoto Restaurant, Gurgaon

Kyoto – Japanese Homestyle?

like most homes, that aren’t very fancy or run like well oiled machines, but serve up filling and satisfying meals, I’d say Kyoto is a decent restaurant, for homestyle Japanese food.

Odeon Social - Chicken Farcha and Nuggets

Being (Odeon) Social

My first visit to a “Social”. Having heard of the Hauz Khas Social, when I…

Dos Burros

Dos Burros

Disclaimer: I usually don’t like Mexican food, and eat it only as a snack or…

Kitchens of Asia

KOA – Kitchens of Asia

Japanese Food in Cyberhub?! Yep. I walked into this place thinking it served a variety…

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