Disclaimer: I usually don’t like Mexican food, and eat it only as a snack or in a hunger-emergency when there’s nothing else around. Eating food that tastes like desi khana, with raw tomatoes and onions sprinkled on top isn’t my idea of fun.

When I discovered a new restaurant had opened in Cyberhub, and it was called Dos Burros – which means ‘two donkeys’ in Spanish, or ‘of donkeys’ in Portuguese – I thought these folks have no clue what they’re doing, and decided I’d never eat there.

But as I passed it a couple of times over the next couple of weeks, I always noticed a nice crowd, vibe, and sound of music wafting out of the place. So one evening, I decided to take a chance, and hitch a ride on the donkeys!

I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, contrary to my expectations, I was quite delighted!

The most wonderful thing about Dos Burros, is the staff. From the lady at the reception, to the guy who takes you to your table, and the folks that take and deliver your order – every one of them were fantastic.

They know their food, and they know their drinks. They know when to be at your side, and when to give you the space.

We were seated in the space near the kitchen – so I watched the Chefs as well – happily and steadily turning around the orders with great ease and comraderie among them. In fact, they really looked like they enjoyed what they were doing.

Staff and Service: 5/5

The decor is great, not exactly Mexican or donkey related, but very interesting and eclectic. There is plenty of glass and greenery all around, to give out a great sense of space.

The table we got, was large, which is always a plus point for me, and the chairs are very comfortable.

The only problem I discovered, was when we first chose to sit outside. There were mosquitoes all around, buzzing around and taking bites out of us! So in 2 minutes we decided to move into the closed, air-conditioned section, which was safe from these pests.

I shudder to think if we’d placed our orders, and there was no place to move inside when we wanted to!

Decor: 4/5 – considering our inability to enjoy the outdoors in the last days of this great spring weather.

The drinks menu is fascinating! I haven’t seen such a wide variety of Tequila based drinks in the NCR, so was quite delighted, as I love tequila. They also have all the usual suspects when it comes to alcohol menus, including the disappointment of being told most of the beer in the menu, aint available :-/

I ordered 2 tequila based cocktails – both turned out to be exactly as described and recommended by the waiter. Full marks to Dos Burros for this!

Drinks: 5/5

Food. After much discussion and debate with the waiter, I honed in on the Mexican Creole Prawns, Charred Chicken legs with Mole Verde served on a bed of Mexican rice, and a dish from the Thai menu – Chicken with black pepper and mint.

The Thai chicken turned out to be absolutely delicious, succulent and very tasty. The Charred chicken legs were next in order of delight, with the rice well done and the mole verde (mint chutney/curry). The Mexican Creole Prawns were average, and perhaps it was to do with the quality of prawns. I always say, if you don’t have good fresh prawns, don’t serve them. Customers like me will notice and complain.

Food: 4.5/5

I have to say, the decor, ambiance, staff, food, drinks, all add up to a happy average of 4.6 out of 5.

But in summary, the truth is they all also came together at an emotional experience level, that made the evening for me relaxed, happy and satisfying.

So I’m rating the two donkeys, as Rock-stars ~ 5 on 5!

Ps. Maybe the management would like to explain the name? Tell me something I don’t know about it?

This review, originally appeared on Zomato.com, here.


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