Noshtradamus is supposed to be a blog where i stargaze about communication, strategy, talent and new media in the new world. I write my posts keeping that in mind – or at least that’s what I think I’m doing!

Call it lack of proper focus, or call it the unpredictability of the internet www – whacky wide web – the fact is my visitor stats throw up different and interesting facts.

A large number of people find my blog through search engines. And the top “keywords” have been:

  • Julie Roehm pictures
  • Superbikes India
  • Advertising
  • Honda superbikes
  • Indian Economy
  • Bill Rylance
  • Santosh Desai
  • bates
  • cricket.

Alternately, the technorati tags that bring people here are advertising, public relations, media and cricket. 

While I have actually wanted people looking for most of the above to land up at my blog, keywords like cricket and superbikes aren’t on my list of priority… at least not in the context that my search engine visitors were looking for.

You see:

a) the focus of my post was Indian bike brands and their marketing issues – not about ‘where superbikes are available in India’, or about ‘bad roads’.

b) i’ve written two posts on bikes, plenty about others, but bikes are right up there in terms of popularity.

c) i have received more hits from users looking for ‘cricket’ and ‘ICC world cup’ than I have on the bates-david-enterprise merger (despite just one post on cricket, more on the merger)

The point I’m making is, no matter how much we try, the www will do its own thing. There is no such thing as being able to accurately predict what will happen on the internet.

In the context of using the internet for strategic brand communication, admittedly there are trends, cycles, popular sentiment and what not… but there is no real formula for success.

No one, and no technology can give you the accurate results you’d want as a brand manager, or reputation custodian.

To draw a parallel, you can be the perfect driver and drive carefully following all the rules, but nothing can stop an accident, if the person on the other side doesn’t know, or follow the rules…

And the other point is, what’s out there on the net, and the perception around you or your brand, varies depending upon who’se point of view you’re looking at.

For example, if you do a blog search for say, Bill Rylance, you’ll reach my blog here, in perhaps the top 20 results. And read a very complimentary post/opinion.

But if you search for cricket and indian advertising, you will land at my blog here… and get all the negatives associated with it!

And the two can be blissfully unaware of the reputation (good and bad) being built online, by this simple unpredictable fact of the internet.

Should Brands step out in the www and do something about their reputations online… yes, certainly!

Is there a right answer or correct solution to the problems faced by brands on the internet..? If you need an answer to this… you need to start reading this post all over again.



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