Okay, I see Breaking News on CNN that the organisers of IPL have decided to hold the tournament outside India. Simultaneously, I see Narendra Modi slamming the government on the security reasons that have led to this decision.

Of course, Modi is not alone with his vulture-like behaviour, as I see the rest of the non-ruling political parties jumping around and blaming the government for what is clearly a decision of the IPL organisers led by BCCI and Lalit Modi.


Why cannot Lalit Modi and BCCI be a little patient and waiting for the elections to get over, instead being selfish and self-centred for wanting to stick to the dates in the middle of the elections!?

Of cource, it would be stupid of me to ask, why are opposition political parties blaming the government?

But why are fans across the country falling for what seems like selfish blackmail of the BCCI, and manipulation of political parties!?


Of course it will be a huge shame if we cannot hold IPL in India due to security reasons. We are a stronger nation than most, and are very capable of taking care of ourselves and our people.

But everything has its limits of stretchability. Imagine our already stretched and under-armed security forces not only having to deal with a long-drawn-election schedule, but also having to do double-time to protect sports stadiums across the venues, hotels, and other gathering spots for fans!

Of course if IPL moves out of India because of security fears, it will mean we’re bowing down to terrorism. We must hold the tournament here, and show the terrorists we are not afraid.

But who took the decision to move IPL out? It wasn’t the government, it was the impatient BCCI that took the decision. The government just told them to wait till the elections are over..!

I BELIEVE THIS IS ALL JUST BLACKMAIL AND MANIPULATION, and we the people are unwitting pawns in the scheme of things.

BCCI knows the Indian public will be aghast, and blame the government. The BCCI knew that the opposition will act in the manner that it has. The BCCI probably hopes the government will now go out of the way to facilitate the matches on the dates Lalit Modi and Co want.

Narender Modi and Co have finally found a stick to beat the Congress with… instead of beating themselves up as they have been doing over the past couple of months! They finally have something to say, which people across the country will foolishly fall for!


Both the Modis can take their apologies and anger and… um, well, find something sensible to talk about for a change!

We have general elections once in 5 years and we need to focus on getting that right. Democracy is more important than any cricket match in my book, no matter how many Bollywood stars dance a jig in the stands.

If we want to see the matches in person, and in India, let’s just delay the IPL till the elections are over. Or watch it on TV in the comforts of our home.

Get real people! Let’s get our priorities right!


  1. How true… and sadly, the aam janta of our country has programmed its mind to think on the same lines as whatever media feeds it. Elections seem to take a second seat. Why else a city like Mumbai which has suffered one of the world’s worst terrorist attacks does not come out and vote? Because its time to spend with family Or, its a long weekend to take a holiday?
    I sincerely hope that rest of the nation doesn’t think so during the next two phases of elections.


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