There’s a lot being written and a lot being said about the recent “protectionist” stance adopted by some states, and the rising voices against “outsourcing” in the US. I have been watching from the sidelines, because it doesn’t affect me directly, as yet, but I know it may soon… I read something today that pushed me to add my voice to the issue as well!

The truth is, this outcry in the US is not just about losing jobs, but about a much larger American fear of unexpected real competition across the board, and insecurity arising from (and if I may quote Nayan Chandra, editor of YaleGlobal Online) “…The country’s worn-out infrastructure, failing education system and lack of political consensus have prevented it from riding a new wave to prosperity.”

Here’s the candid, thought provoking article by Thomas L. Friedman in that provoked my blogging this. First, a key excerpt, and then the whole article linked below. Think about it America… And wake up!

With President Obama scheduled to come here (India) next week, at a time when more than a few U.S. politicians are loudly denouncing immigration reforms, free trade expansion and outsourcing, more than a few Indian business leaders want to ask the president: “What’s up with that?” Didn’t America export to the world all the technologies and free market dogmas that created this increasingly flat, global economic playing field — and now you’re turning against them?

Read the whole article by Thomas L. Friedman at here


  1. yes the US has challenges it has never faced before, and perhaps never imagined it would face.

    what’s written here is not new, but something most americans know but do not acknowledge.

    but if they don’t wake up to either the realization or taking action, they might as well pack it in and say “good night”!


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