Japanese Food in Cyberhub?! Yep. I walked into this place thinking it served a variety of asian (Chinese, Thai, etc) cuisine, but was delighted to discover a proper Japanese menu!

The staff (Rajiv, who attended to us) knew about the dishes and helped with recommendations. The result, an amazing four course journey of great food.

We started with prawn tempura and sushi of mango, avocado, and coconut yuzu miso. It was good!

Next up was sashimi of octopus, Spanish mackerel, salmon, tuna, scallops, and crab sticks – accompanied with seaweed, oranges, cucumber and roe. Awesome!

We then had the Robatayaki Salmon steak with sesame soy and a mix of vegetables. The salmon was beautifully done, with its skin intact, yet easy to separate while eating. The skin was slightly crisp and delicious too.

While we enjoyed the food, the service was excellent. The waiter took great care to organise our table, clear things and most importantly be attentive yet unobtrusive!

The decor is new and heartwarming. Tables and seating comfortable. And the colours very relaxing.

As we sat and enjoyed our food, I heard many guests walk in and ask for Chinese or Thai and seemed disappointed that the menu was primarily Japanese. I only hope this doesn’t force the management to shift focus.

So all those who love Japanese should head out here and encourage them. We do need a good Japanese restaurant in the area!

This review, originally appeared on Zomato.com, here.


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