The place is huge, the service is enthusiastic, the servings are unlimited, and the good is great. So it should rate a 5, no?

Well everything was going great with the starters, the drinks and the service. We loved the way the staff happily brought plenty of chicken, fish, mutton, prawns and some vegetarian starters to our table and encouraged us to try out the things from their special Mongolian counter for the day.

I would wish though, that the service was less rushed, so that it gives us time to enjoy the lovely food on the table. Hurrying through such a great spread isn’t such a nice thing.

But so far so good.

The problem I had was that the fresh plates at the buffet were greasy and not clean. And even though they instantly replaced them with fresh clean ones, my question is, why were greasy plates there in the first place?

That being said, and taking away 1pt from my rating, lets move on to the main course.

The spread was great, and I stuck to a couple of favourites I spotted on the buffet. Chicken Biryani and Lal Maas.

I have to say the Chicken Biryani is one of the better ones I’ve had in a long time anywhere! The rice was long grained, nicely done and tasty. The chicken though a bit dry was quite tasty. And the garnishing of pudina leaves and ginger strips was lovely!

Lal Maas is one of my all time favourite meat dishes, and I loved what they served here. The lamb itself was quite tasty with bits of fat on the sides and the gravy was rich and filling. It could have been a bit spicier though, like Lal Mass is meant to be.

From the buffet spread, I chose the desi treats of Moong Dal Halwa and Gulab Jamun.
The jamun was average (could have been cooked better through to the middle), but the moong dal halwa, rich with ghee, was delicious. It didn’t have the excess sweetness that tends to creep into Indian deserts, so was quite enjoyable, and I even had a second helping!

The background music was okay, until a guy started singing. Then thankfully he stopped, and our evening resumed in the good mood that we were in.

My ratings:

Service: 5/5 Great.
Food: 5/5 Excellent.
Decor: 5/5 Good.
Hygiene: 1/5. Poor. No restaurant should put out greasy plates, especially when your harsh top lights reflect and point this out to anyone who would care to look!

My recommendation to visitors:

1. Pace yourself out over the starters, tell the waiters to slow down the replacements so you enjoy every bite of the on table barbecue.
2. Keep plenty of space for the main course and desserts. Both have great offerings for you.

My recommendation to the restaurant management:

1. Do a thorough hygiene audit and please use hot water dishwashers to clean your buffet plates.
2. Stick to Indian food on the menu, what you serve is great! Your Mongolian experiment didn’t work for me, and probably will not to any discerning foodie.

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