All of us receive jokes in our email – lots of them. We also receive inspiring stories, wierd perspectives, conspiracy theories, interesting photographs, and fascinating puzzles… We read them, smile and feel good. We save these mail, and often pass them on to others hoping that they’ll appreciate/laugh/learn from it the way we did.

Of course, while most of us are selective about what we FW: there’s many among us who send out tonnes of daily mail in the crazy hope that cooolness of the mail rubs off on them! Really, haven’t you noticed how some of the biggest losers in life (and work) send out the most email FW: ?

The point of this post is about the Forwarders, as much as it is of the Creators – of the original joke, perspective, theory, photo, puzzle, whatever…

Ever wondered who these creators are, what prompted them think/write/create/share… and who remain anonymous, most certainly not by choice! This post is a tribute to them – the hidden creators who entertain us, make us think, and make us feel good every day… they add value thank you, and keep creating!

Going further I’d like put forth to the spammers (and potential spammers) among us what I think is also very important, the politically correct and sensitive things to keep in mind when we forward mail.

  • Don’t FW: everything you receive, to everyone you know. PLEASE be selective!
  • Give credit to the original creators – we know you didn’t write the stuff dude.
  • Don’t send out more than one such mail a week/fortnight (unless you’re running some kind of perverse and illegal spam-a-day outfit!)
  • Keep the email IDs of people private (heard of BCC?) There’s nothing I (and most people) hate
     more than seeing my email ID on display to 40 others who I have nothing to do with, but who will spam me in the near future, with inane ‘reply all’ like “wow! thanks!” and then add me to their next deluge of trash.
  • Please virus-scan and put the stuff in your mail directly, not as an attachment inside an attachment inside an attachment inside an attachment!

That’s all folks!


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