I am trying to blog every day.

Why? Because writing forces me to think in depth. And I love thinking and writing about things that affect or concern me; about things I love or want; about things that would interest others, add value to their lives, and of course in turn, have them return to my blog for more!

Research indicates, for a blog to be successful, the blogger needs to put aside an average of five hours a day researching, thinking and writing!

Wow. I don’t have five hours, to put aside, but I do manage around two hours on the structure and craft of every blog post. The thinking however takes up much more time – sometimes days thinking about a particular subject or post.

On weekends I get even less time to write. And if I was to go by research again, its okay if I don’t post on weekends, because blog traffic dips on Saturdays and Sundays.

But I do ‘think’ on weekends, so write I must.

Hence this Sunday Post

The question is, should my Sunday Posts be about all the “work stuff” or “fun things” ?

Well since life’s not a choice of either/or of the two, and since work is a pleasure for me, and pleasure is… well pleasure, I am going to blog a mixed bag of stuff I’ve seen, felt over the week, which I think would be of interest to a larger audience πŸ™‚

Here’s my Top 3 blogables of the week gone past:

Obama Comes Job Hunting. Yep, that’s the front page headline in the Economic Times – taking a dig at the fact that most of the measures and efforts announced by the US President on his visit here, aim at creating jobs back home in the US.

C’mon guys, give him a break… don’t we do the same thing? Pushing to increase employment of our own, rise in manufacturing, increase in our sales across sectors… Β The guy’s got a tough task ahead of him, given the state of the US economy. And given the fact, as someone posted on twitter yesterday, he’s just another American who lost his house to the economic crisis!

Lol, and while we’re at it, someone please break an egg on Rajiv Pratap Rudy’s head!

Marriage Gems are Universal! I discovered this blog a month or so back. It’s one woman’s effort to share research based marriage tips and insights, which she does so beautifully. And reading her posts you’ll realise, that the insights and tips shared, are as relevant here in India, as they are in the west, and around the rest of the world I would imagine!

The best part of this site, which I as a digital media provocateur find fascinating, is the community of like-minded people around it – from commenters, to bloggers, to professional marriage counselors, who participate and add to make it more than a site, but a vibrant community of people who value relationships and the institution of marriage.

This is “social media” at its best – adding true value to society! Worth a follow, not just a visit.

Find your own Marriage Gems here.

Diwali 2010. All fire, no smoke!

To my mind, this year’s Diwali heralded and indicated the end of really tough times for the market in India. Things heated up all around and I sensed a fire in everyone’s belly these past few weeks – from marketers, to consumers.

The Sensex rose delightfully. Goods and products appeared on and disappeared off the shelves with great fervor. And more and more kids and adults adopted the “say no to crackers” campaign this year!

The result? An overall positive sentiment. And overall reduced pollution. All fire, no smoke πŸ™‚

That’s my Sunday Post this week. Monday looms ahead… See you soon πŸ™‚


  1. Obama’s visit comes at a time when the US needs India more than India needs the US. suffice to say the headline “Obama comes job hunting” is apt!

    • Hey Paul,

      I think both India and the US need each other right now… unlike earlier, when the need was one sided.

      But more importantly, today both India and the US need to work together in the fight against terrorism, where we both have a common enemy, and need to make the world a safer place to live in.

      Thanks as always, for stopping by!


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