I go to Zambar for the buffet. Because it’s got a huge spread, and that increases my chances of finding something that I like, which I can then have plenty off!

The truth is, the cuisine is unfamiliar and one can go really wrong ordering something you just don’t like!

That being said, I love their appams and I love their Chettinad fish curry and other fish dishes. I like their chicken dishes, but they tend to be overwhelmingly spiced… Their lamb tends to be unnecessarily overcooked and often chewy. The rice in the buffet usually dries up, as it’s lying in the hot casserole waiting for guests…

Here’s my big tip for visitors here: take a morsel of everything that looks interesting in the first round and taste it. Ask for a fresh serving of whatever you like, straight from the kitchen – and you have yourself a lovely meal!

The staff is excellent and their service friendly and fast. 5/5

Decor is ethnic, mutedly aesthetic, and comfortable 5/5

Taste of the food after you discover what you like (it was an acquired taste for me) 4/5

Overall 4/5

This review, originally appeared on Zomato.com, here.


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