People often ask what I’m doing since I left my job as the country head of creative, in an advertising agency…

Well the answer is “I’m swimming in a Blue Ocean”! I am creating communication products and services no one else offers today.

A major influence in this career shift has been this amazing book “Blue Ocean Strategy” by W Chan Kim and Renee’ Mauborgne.

In a fascinating read, Kim and Mauborgne encourage us to go beyond bloody red oceans of existing markets, to create uncontested market space, and make the competition irrelevant.

While the authors agree the thinking is not new, they stake claim to the evocative new marketing term “Blue Ocean Strategy”.

The book doesn’t just hypothesize but illustrates examples that have worked across categories. From watches, computers, and even a circus! And it is a great DIY guide for those adventurous enough to explore Blue Oceans 🙂

Thought I’d share info about this book with you.


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