Yeh Hai Mumbai - A story of trust, in the streets of Mumbai.

Yeh Hai Mumbai

It was a hot summer morning in Mumbai. My wife and I were standing outside a chawl in a crowded…

Kids going to school, in Wangjing Kendra, Manipur

Good Morning India!

The thing that always makes me happy and proud on road trips across rural India, is the sight of our…

Flying Carpet, made of Clouds

Flying Carpet

Cloud watching is something I never get bored of, whether I’m watching clouds from the ground, or flying through them up…

Profit with Social Media - by Benita Bhatia Dua & Deepa Jayaraman

Profit with Social Media

A personification of the journey of every entrepreneur, this book will help you to optimise the use of social media at every stage of your business.

Yeh hi hai right choice baby! Lehar-Pepsi

Yeh Hi Hai Right Choice Baby

One of the first films I worked on when I was a Junior Copywriter at HTA (Now J. Walter Thompson) also…

LML Vespa Brand Campaign 1996

LML Vespa – A Moving Experience

In 1996, LML Vespa scooters launched this brand campaign, targeting a younger audience with a mindset very different from that…

Mediated Apologies and Conflict Resolution

The Power of a Mediated Apology

In our personal lives, we all recognise the power of an apology, to resolve conflicts and repair relationships. But when it comes to Companies and Courts, experts recommend Mediation.