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Yeh Hai Mumbai

Yeh Hai Mumbai

It was a hot summer morning in Mumbai. My wife and I were standing outside a chawl in a crowded back-lane of Ghatkopar, waiting to meet a...
Mumbai Mumbai! Change for the Better!

Mumbai, Mumbai!

There was a time when the city of Mumbai stopped making sense to me. Its people were amazing, and everything functioned like precision-made clockwork,...
Cloudburst over Loktak Lake

Manipur: A Story of Hype and Hope

When I talk to people about Manipur and my visits to our most well-known northeast state, I usually see shock and awe on the...
Digital Heroin - Getty Images. via New York Post

Digital Heroin Anyone?

I just read this scary article on the effect of gadgets and gaming on children. My thoughts rushed to my own kids and their relationship...
Is the Marketing & Communication Industry Over-staffed, Under-qualified?

Is the Brand & Marketing Industry Over-Staffed, Under-Qualified?

A friend and industry colleague, recently posed this question on LinkedIn: “If agencies can have Chief Client officers, why can’t Clients have Chief Partner Officers...
I was very impressed by the kids at the David Guetta Concert in Delhi

Cheers to our ‘Kids’ !

Last night I attended a David Guetta concert with my teenage daughter and a few of her friends. No, I wasn’t chaperoning. I was there for David and my love for EDM. But that's not the point...
Kohima War Cemetary - Remembering the Battle of Kohima in World War II

Remembering the Battle of Kohima

Kohima War Cemetary is a World War II memorial to the brave Allied soldiers who died fighting the Imperial Japanese Army, in the historic Battle of Kohima
Kids going to school, in Wangjing Kendra, Manipur

Good Morning India!

The thing that always makes me happy and proud on road trips across rural India, is the sight of our children, on their way...
Welcome to Senapati, Manipur

The Magic of Manipur

The drive from Kohima in Nagaland to Imphal in Manipur will go down as one of the most memorable trips of my life. It was also very unique, as it filled me with a heady mix of happiness and fearful anticipation...
Bengaluru Airport Skies

Blue Skies, True Highs!

When we arrived in Bengaluru last month, the first thing that struck us – or rather, dazzled us – was the blue sky unlike...
View from Top Station, Munnar

Mountains of Munnar

Our annual vacation this year, took us down south to Kerala. But instead of heading to its popular backwaters, we headed out into the hills, and spent a week in the beautiful hills around Munnar...
WWII Vehicles, at Exposition Figuri'Nice 2014

Miniature Magic at Nice

They say the difference between men and boys, is the price of their toys. And boy, were we in for a little surprise recently! At the start of our 2014 summer vacation in Nice...
Gurgaon Toll toll

NCR Residents Protest!

As the much criticised and even more choked-up Delhi Gurgaon Toll Plaza on NH8 was removed earlier this week, people of the NCR honked in protest, saying...
Post Midnight Musings

Post Midnight Musings

No laptop, no iPad, no Blackberry, no internet. No Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram. No coins to collect, no campaigns to level-up, no high-score to beat. No children to be with, no wife to...
The Origin of Conflict - via The Speaking Tree in Sunday Times of India

The Origins of Conflict

When individuals are not in harmony with their community and nature, we face losing equations all around. So let's understand the origins of conflict...
Mediated Apologies and Conflict Resolution

The Power of a Mediated Apology

In our personal lives, we all recognise the power of an apology, to resolve conflicts and repair relationships. But when it comes to Companies and Courts...
Review of Slingstones by Mmhonlumo Kikon

Slingstones by Mmhonlumo Kikon

Slingstones by Mmhonlumo Kikon explores the historical and spiritual landscape of Nagaland, its life, peace, and potential.
Bob's Place, Nathuakhan, Uttarakhand in style

Bob’s Place. Uttarakhand, in Style.

Bob’s Place in Nathuakhan, is an old favourite, that helps us enjoy the beauty of Uttarakhand, in style! My family and I have stayed...
Profit with Social Media - by Benita Bhatia Dua & Deepa Jayaraman

Profit with Social Media

A personification of the journey of every entrepreneur, this book will help you to optimise the use of social media at every stage of your business.

David-Bates-Enterprise: Menage a trois or trouble?

I just received an sms alert from my friendly industry spammer, about a David-Bates-Enterprise merger. Yes, David, Bates, Enterprise... I've double checked the article...



Paris from Tour Eiffel

Kangla Sha at the Uttra, Kangla Fort, Manipur

Sunset in Manipur

Monster Cloud on Loktak Lake

Loktak Lake Panorama

The Road to Imphal