Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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Covid-19 Home Quarantine Essentials List

Being quarantined at home with Covid-19 isn't easy. Especially if you have symptoms of the virus raging through your body. But with the right...

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Remembering the Battle of Kohima

Kohima War Cemetary is a World War II memorial to the brave Allied soldiers who died fighting the Imperial Japanese Army, in the historic Battle of Kohima

Flying Carpet

Cloud watching is something I never get bored of, whether I'm watching clouds from the ground, or flying through them up in the sky. It...

Mountains of Munnar


My Life in Advertising

Yeh Hi Hai Right Choice Baby

One of the first films I worked on when I was a Junior Copywriter at HTA (Now J. Walter Thompson) also turned out to be...

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Profit with Social Media

A personification of the journey of every entrepreneur, this book will help you to optimise the use of social media at every stage of your business.

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JetScreen – To Watch or Not To Watch

On international flights, we’ve all suffered co-passengers laughing for apparently no reason, until we realise that they’re plugged into the in-flight entertainment system, and...