Admittedly this is not exactly new, but I was going through my books this morning and came across “New Thinking For The New Millennium” by Edward De Bono. As I read the synopsis and the first page, it hit me ~ this is so relevant today, actually more so today than it was at the start of this millennium when this book was first written.

So here they are, the words that caught my attention. I hope they spark something in your mind and add value to your thinking in the year ahead.

“The thinking of the last millennium has been concerned with ‘what is’ – the thinking of analysis, criticism and argument.

We need to concentrate with ‘what-can-be’. This is thinking that is creative and constructive and seeks to solve problems and conflicts by designing a way forward.

The emphasis is on design, not judgement.”

“It is time we moved forward from the constipated, judgemental thinking of the last millennium and all the strife it caused, to thinking which is more concerned with design and value creation.

You can analyse the past, but you need to focus on designing the future”. This is my learning (and goal) verbatim, for the new year 2011, and the decade ahead. Thank you Edward De Bono!

Let the designing begin!


  1. There is also a saying- The best way to know the future, is to design it!
    Best of luck for 2011 and more.

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