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Hero Impact Super Light City Bike

Hero Impact, the Super Light City Bike is one of the first campaigns I wrote that included print ads and a television commercial! It was 1992, and it was my first year at HTA a.k.a Hindustan Thomson Associates, a.k.a J. Walter Thompson. Hero Cycles was one of the biggest clients of the Agency back then. And yes, cycles were a huge product category too!

Hero, known for its traditional and chunky “black cycles” was launching a colourful super-light bicycle, aimed at young audiences. My art director immediately likened the lightness of the bicycle to that of a ballet, or modern jazz ballet dancer. Or was it to people doing aerobics, which was also a craze back then?

Whatever it was, it translated into this brilliant flourish of colours, and I added the tagline (from the brief): The Super Light City Bike! The next challenge for me was to write long copy that added to the visuals. I think it came out quite well, wouldn’t you say?

Ps. We also made a television commercial, which you can see after the print ads below.

Credits for Hero Impact Super Light City Bike
Art Director: Bipasha Banerjee
Copywriter: Mehernosh Shapoorjee
Account Director: Tarun Rai

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