For the last 17 years in advertising, I’ve almost always come across definitions of my male “target audience” as “SEC A/B/C whatever, young, upwardly mobile guy who dreams big and wants to do unconventional things, but is still conventional deep down inside.. he wants the best for himself and his family, but will not do so at the cost of someone else’s success…”

Yeah, right. If I was to ever believe all the brief’s I’ve got in advertising and marketing, the world would only have men who are “true buddies, successful sons, loving husbands, great lovers and full of other such diebeties-causing-sweet-USPs!”

Interestingly today, I came across this brilliant observation of men and mice (mice = polite for: the bad boys who are also often termed rats!).

Check out ideasmith at xxfactor and her rave/rant on boys – both good and bad. Great reading aside, it gives us powerful and interstingly real insights into men all around us, and how they’re viewed from the outside!

Have fun. And when you’re back – check out this take on the average american male, not so average amercian advertising by silly girl, and the ads she pointed out below:




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