This is what we called a “Corporate Campaign” or the Sakura Watches Brand Campaign, back in the day. The year was 1994, and we had just launched Sakura watches. In a market dominated by old favourite HMT, and the cool new Titan, Sakura was a totally unknown brand. So, our brief wasn’t just to sell the watches but to also create a credible image for the brand.

At the core of all watches, is what the industry calls “the movement” or the mechanism that makes watches tick. Traditionally watches came with manual wind-up movements. Then the industry evolved to motion-driven automatic movements. In the mid-1990s, watch companies were riding the digital circuit-board-driven watches revolution, driven by watch brands like Casio, and Citizen.

The Brief for the Sakura Watches Brand Campaign told us that the “movements” in Sakura watches came from a reputed Japanese company that was the OEM supplier to many of the big brands. This gave Sakura credibility in watch movements. So we took this brief literally and created this “movements” brand campaign. 


Art: Shalini Minocha Beri
Copywriters: Swapan Seth, Mehernosh Shapoorjee
Strategy and Client Servicing: Ashok Goel, Abhijit Dasgupta
Branch Manager and Business Lead: Nirvik Singh
Agency: Trikaya Grey
Stock Images: Times of India 


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