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Advertising and Marketing industry to become idiot-proof and more “professional”!

In a move aimed at making the advertising and marketing business more professional and scientific, rather than amateurish and arbitrary, top agency heads and corporate leaders are expected to meet today and arrive at certain common guidelines for recruitment, training, work processes, and campaign evaluation.

The meeting is supported by all the Ad Clubs of India,  various Advertising Agency Associations, various Associations of Marketing Professionals, and the United Front for Marketing Standards.

“Our focus will be on hiring qualified people from good art and management schools, and not just picking up those who don’t get jobs in other more demanding industries” said the head of one advertising agency, refusing to be named in this article.

“The attempt will be to design and develop systems and processes that will make our work more scientific, and measurable rather than getting away with saying there are no right answers in our business” quoted another agency creative head.

On the other hand, the Country Head of a large multinational corporation said “We have treated our agency people like idiots for too long. And ignored the fact that we put clueless junior people at the helm of things in marketing. I admit these people take it upon themselves to create tension for the agency, or else they won’t be seen as doing their jobs! All this will change post our meeting today!”

Another CEO admitted to this reporter “Well honestly, I get involved in the advertising process at the last minute and end up creating confusion because my objectives and requirements from the campaign are unknown to the teams until then… plus my people have been second guessing me, and nothing makes sense anymore. I will give clear written briefs to my teams to pass on to the agency from now on!”

“Egos, high-handedness and time-wasting tactics will be a thing of the past from now on” reads a joint statement of the agenda released to the press today the focus will be for timely delivery at low cost, accompanied by mutual professional respect all around” the release added.

Needless to say, advertising and marketing professionals all over the world are looking forward to the guidelines and way ahead as defined by this group, in their unprecedented and historic meeting.

The meeting will be held today, Tuesday the 1st of April 2008!

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