Reading my previous post on the ICCO Global Summit a lot of people asked ‘what on earth was I doing at a Summit for PR professionals??’

I mean, I am a student of economics, with a hardcore advertising and marketing background, and I’m now making a living out of strategic design and new media consultancy… where does this PR jamboree fit in??

While I think even the organisers of the Summit underestimated the potential of something like this, and hence only targeted (and got) PR folks to attend the Summit.

However, if you look at the agenda you’ll notice it had far more to offer than what you’d expect from conventional public relations. And not living and operating out of any specific industry silo, I was quick to spot the learning opportunity!

You see as boundaries between advertising agencies, pr firms and marketing consultants begin to blur and even compete with each other (an they should, if they want to retain their jobs and premium remunerations) it becomes all the more important to know what ‘the other side’ is thinking.

The name full form of ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Organisation) alone should have got other folks interested. I mean aren’t all the above mentioned (ad, pr & mktg) people communication consultants really?

Next practices… the changing face of the consumer and the changing face of communication… the internet… opportunities in India and China… talent, measurement… aren’t they relevant to anyone who’s in the communication business?

If your answer is ‘no’ – buddy, you better have a fat bank balance on your side, or an alternate career path as a pan handler all mapped out – because you’re certainly going to need it, sooner or later!