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Cheers to our ‘Kids’ !

Last night I attended a David Guetta concert with my teenage daughter and a few of her friends. No, I wasn’t chaperoning… I was there for David and my love for EDM. Really. But that’s not the point of this note.

This note is to share my take on the youth of our times, and a few observations that renews my respect for, and hopes in our children.

After all the horror stories we hear about what happens at these events, and despite the ‘threats’ of terror attacks going around, we headed out on an 80km (one way) drive to Buddh International Circuit, where the show was happening.

My first impression when we reached there: The organization was top class, the venue was beautifully done up, the security (UP Police and Private Guards) was tight but unobtrusive, and the crowd… amazing!

For a person accustomed to, and numbed by rude, pushy, aggressive, and stuck-up “grown-ups” all around me, the “kids” were a pleasant surprise!

I haven’t heard so many “Excuse me”, “Sorry”, and “thank you…” being said by so many people in one place for a long time. And this is in a music concert, packed with people shoulder to shoulder and what not.

The decency and friendliness with which 9 out of 10 kids moved around and dealt with others, put even many parents at my kids’ school events to shame. There was hardly any aggressive or rude behavior in an attempt to get to a better vantage point, like we see displayed by many parents at their children’ functions.

Yes, there was ample jostling and foul language on display. As much as many parents I know, use the F-word in front of each other and even their kids.

The jostling and frequent surge of bodies was actually accompanied by apologies to anyone who protested… and even if one person in a group misbehaved or got aggressive, others in their group would reach out and calm them down, and draw them away.

Also, strangers came to each other’s support, when confronted with particularly aggressive behavior. Interestingly, never with equal aggression, rather with opposing friendliness and humour!

I noticed even my own daughter joke with someone who claimed she pushed him – “look at me dude, I am so tiny, how can I push you…”! A friend of hers, made dramatic ‘waving smoke away’ gestures in front of a guy who was blowing smoke in her direction and he grinned apologetically and stubbed out his cigarette!

Yes, there were confrontations as I mentioned earlier. But they were quickly diffused by kids, behaving like adults – lightheartedly, objectively, diplomatically. On the other hand, I noticed those who behaved like ‘tough parents’, risked the situation getting out of hand!

I saw guys putting their arms protectively around the girls in their groups, as well as strangers stepping aside to let women pass. There were plenty of girls/women around and they all seemed comfortable, dancing and moving around the venue freely.

I would say 99 out of 100 people at the venue were just happy youth from decent homes, out to have a good time. All dancing and singing along, some drinking, and a few smoking (compared to the many older women smoking!).

They knew how to handle themselves and others. They were respectful of those with them, and those around them. They were friendly, and even helpful where required!

A big bunch of people right in front, took their eyes off the stage and scoured the ground with camera-flashes, just as Guetta was to arrive (almost missing his first appearance on stage), to help a girl find a phone which she dropped in the crowd.

Now cynics may say this is a rare, lucky occasion, and that things are usually a nightmare… I’d like to think that this is good news, this our youth, and this is their norm.

Like bad news that gets noticed more, I’d like to believe, the nightmare situations are an exception, and will only reduce.

Because being amidst the ‘kids’ I saw at the Guetta concert in Delhi, I think our future is in good hands.

Cheers to you, kids!


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