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Good Morning India!

The thing that always makes me happy and proud on road trips across rural India, is the sight of our children, on their way to school or college. The joy on their faces, the bounce in their footsteps, all indicate happiness and positivity which we adults lack, and I dare say, is missing in the children of many big city schools.

Interestingly, the happiness I see in the kids is the same across most states of India, come rain or sunshine, whether they’re in strife-torn states or peaceful states, rich states or poor states! The colour and quality of uniforms may vary, but their positive body language is consistent.

Kids going to school, in Wangjing Kendra, Manipur
Kids going to school, in Wangjing Kendra, Manipur

Which brings me to what I believe, about the human race: No one is born evil. Friendship comes naturally to children. Trust, is an inherent trait of childhood. And it is religion, society, and politics, that make monsters out of us.

The question is, how do we preserve the open-minded, happiness we’re born with? How do we ensure that childhood innocence, is not lost to the corruption of adulthood?

Why can’t we go about our daily lives as adults, with the same carefree attitude we had as children?

Why can’t we rise up in life, without having to step on the happiness of others?

Why do growth and success, only seem possible at the cost of others?

Why does it have to remain this way?

What can we do about it? Why aren’t we even thinking of doing something about it?


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