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Ping’s Bia Hoi

When restaurants are struggling to survive in these difficult times, it was a pleasant surprise to hear a new one has opened at One Horizon in Gurgaon.

Being die-hard lovers of Asian food, we decided that our first family outing post-pandemic must be to this place.

Ping’s Bia Hoi is at the quiet and hidden side of One Horizon. Being a Monday night, the whole horizon square was dark and quiet, except for the lovely sound of music that always emanated from the always lively Whiskey Samba (but that’s another post).

The decor isn’t as unique as the name, but Ping’s Bia Hoi seating is comfortable, and the staff is friendly.

We ordered from the Air Menu, which was fast and light to load, but we still had to place the order manually, with the omnipresent staff.

I had read rave reviews about the Bao’s and Dimsums here, so we decided to start with two sets of Korean Fried Chicken Bao, and Pork Char Sui Bao (each set has 2 open Baos in it). And we ordered Butter Garlic Prawn Dimsums and Bacon Wrapped Prawns.

Strangely they have Pho listed under soups, and not mains, but since we love Pho, we ordered one bowl, along with an all-time desi favourite Sweet Corn Chicken Soup.

The first dishes arrived very quickly, and the pace with which the rest arrived one after the other, was great, allowing us to savour every bite without rushing into the next. I don’t know if this was by design or by default, but it was a great way of setting the pace and the mood of the meal which was leisurely and happy.

We were quite full with the Starters and the Soups but wanted to try something from the mains as well. The menu isn’t elaborate, but consists of some comfort dishes, and some new surprising ones. We ordered a mix of the two and ordered a traditional Spicy Pork Ramen Bowl and Stone Cooked Tenderloin Krapow.

We followed this up with a shared Dessert of Glutinous Choco Dumplings.

How was everything? Please take a look at the photos below, and then read my reviews of the dishes 🙂

My Review of the Food at Ping’s Bia Hoi

The Starters at Ping’s Bia Hoi

Pork Char Sui Bao (2 Baos to a plate): Outstanding! The wrap was fluffy, the pork was soft, the accompanying sauces were yummy. Overall, melt in your mouth, and makes you want to have more and more! Rating 5/5

Korean Fried Chicken Bao (2 Baos to a plate): Great! The wrap was fluffy, the chicken crispy and a bit mouthy, the sauce and the toppings yummy. Rating 5/5.

Butter Garlic Prawn Dimsums (Only four to a serving): Soft and delicious, they just melted away and disappeared in one delicious bite each! Rating 5/5

Bacon-Wrapped Prawns (4 to a plate)These were a bit disappointing. Because the flavouring was more of the sauce and less of the bacon or prawn. And at Rs 625 plus taxes for just 4 bites, I’m not very impressed. Rating 3/5

The Soups at Ping’s Bia Hoi

Chicken Pho Bowl: I was surprised to find it listed under soups, and in retrospect, I’m glad it was, because as a main dish, I’ve had much better elsewhere. Rating 4/5

Chicken Sweet Corn Soup: Delicious and a little extra sweet, some of it got left behind, and that says it all. Rating 4/5

Main Dishes at Ping’s Bia Hoi

Spicy Pork Ramen: Spicy and yummy, the pork inside was awesome to eat, but there should have been more pieces of it!! Perhaps they can reduce the spice, and increase the pork in it. Rating 5/5 

Krapow Tenderloin: Cooked (?) and served in a stone pot and topped with a soft-fried egg the combo of steamed rice and minced tenderloin, this dish is a delightful must-have, especially if you like a very meaty flavour in your food! Rating 5/5

All things Sweet at Ping’s Bia Hoi

Mocktail from the Garden of Eden: The place doesn’t serve alcohol, so I ordered this mocktail. I don’t remember what all was in it except Elderflower, but this drink was sweet and divine! Rating 5/5

Glutinous Choco Dumplings: We wrapped up a great meal with these delicious chocolate filled dumplings topped with coconut shavings. I’d say this is a must-try at Ping’s Bia Hoi. Rating 5/5

In Summary:

Ping’s Bio Hoi is a must-try restaurant at One Horizon Centre in Gurgaon.

I’d recommend spending time on the starters and ordering multiple plates of the same because one Bao isn’t enough. A single serving is good for one person, and won’t satisfy anyone sharing.

The main dishes and the soups are large servings, and can be shared.

The Service at Ping’s Bia Hoi

Attentive and quick, not fussy, not pushy, the staff here is great, and add to the wonderful experience of dining here.

The Final Verdict

The name is unpronounceable for me, so I’m just going to call it Ping’s. But I can pronounce that the food is great, and Ping’s is a must-try place, in Gurgaon.

Ping's Bia Hoi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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