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Must-Try Dishes and Restaurants in 2018

Mising Kitchen, Guwahati

Thali full of delights at Mising Kitchen, in Guwahati
Thali full of delights at Mising Kitchen, in Guwahati

Mising Kitchen, Hengrabari Road, Ganeshguri, Guwahati 781006 – The friendly greeting at the entrance accompanied by larger-than-life cutouts of welcoming Mising (Mishing) people are a preview to the wonderful service and amazing food at this place. I indulged in Duck, Pork, and Fish with accompanying veggies, dals, and chutneys, but the dishes that stole my heart and blew my mind were the pork ones. It is one of those places where you stop eating a day before you go there, and after you gorge out, you still want more!

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Get Directions to the Mising Kitchen on Google Maps here.

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